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In my practice, I pride myself in the ability to provide the highest standard of care for my patients.  I am trained several treatment modalities including EMDR and hypnosis. Working with patients and their therapists is part of a treatment team approach.  I can provide the medication arm of the treatment while your psychotherapist provides therapy. 

However treatment is approached, it is personalized, and tailored to individual needs of each person.   This is done while working in a comfortable and supportive manner. 

There are experiences in life that can overwhelm your ability to cope. Genetic predisposition, the number and severity of stressors, and how early someone was faced with adversity.. Sometimes being over extended can cause depression, panic attacks, or other symptom. 

Sometimes a talking to someone you trust may be enough. Maybe you can manage with the help of your family physician. Or it may require a specialist. It may be time to see professionals who deal with these issues day in and day out, and who have been doing so for many years. There is help. Don't continue to suffer.

You aren't weak, and you aren't crazy. You have a medical problem that needs to be managed

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